Hello, I am Susan Patterson, I am a Freelance Product Designer previously I worked in the Netherlands with Artificial Industry where I worked on projects dealing with healthcare monitoring, special needs games platform and CX for call centres.

Before that I was with Learnovate where I designed for H2020 education research projects, pushing technology in education, such as a teacher-focused composer for pedagogy, an analytics dashboard for employees, and a Edu API marketplace.

I have a passion for projects that advocate for the social good in design. I personally enjoy working on projects that require both business as well as design thinking. 

I am currently available with Toptal.com as a Senior Digital Designer, or if you’re interested in enquiring about a direct work opportunity, reach me via email or LinkedIn.

Personal Projects



A series of posters and cover created for an exhibition looking at future robotics in both the home and workplace,

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Darklight Digital Festival

dllogoDarklight  (1999-).

One of the formative events in my career has been my involvement in the Darklight Festival. As one of the founders I helped Darklight become an exciting and community platform for the showcasing of indi work. Darklight would be called a maker festival today as it was for creatives by creatives.  I was involved with all aspects of the running and organisation, till 2007 when I took a step back from the event organisation and moved to a more advisory role on the Board of Directors (while still helping out on the digital brand assets). The Darklight remit was in providing a screening platform for new work, art exhibitions, workshops, network opportunities, running a national and international touring programme plus producing a biannual symposium.

An amazing community, and an amazing journey!

Darklight Festival opening gala party @ Block T, Dublin 2014 from Darklight Festival on Vimeo.

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