Case Study

Building a Remote Health Reporting Platform


I was the design lead, and part of an agile team, working to develop a solution to transferring the data from medical devices into a platform for healthcare professionals, we produced two applications a medical practitioner platform, and a patient platform, and connected the api into the medical platform for health centres backend. With a research discovery pivot we created two success applications in the phase one of this project


LEAD UI/UX designer, working in an agile Team with developers and external Product Owner. Working with another UX designer during research phase. Ux research, & visual design


3 Months, 6 Person Scrum Team, External PO


Figma (Wireframes, and UI design) Adobe Illustrator cc/ Photoshop.


Wire framing, Empathy Maps, User Journeys, User Interviews, Visual Design


The application is a remote monitoring project to help two users, the nurse practitioner, in looking through trends in the results of home remote testing, such as blood pressure monitors and your diabetic bloods, weight etc

The other side was the at home user, as the testing goes straight from the device to the nurse, the patients don’t see their own data. So the driver was to create a platform so the patient users could access their own data. We also saw the opportunity to gather less empirical data on how the patient feels.

The Challange

The challenge was to create a hardware and software solution that plugged in to the clients back-end. And to created a platform that the nurse practitioner could access giving a top-level overview on the patients and trends in their medical device results.

The Process

The client’s initial idea for the project was to mainly focus on the home user giving them an overview on their on their data and trends in their own health care when we did the user interviews of nurse practitioners the company realize that there was a untapped area of growth in redeveloping how the nurse practitioner could access the data and how better they could remotely monitor the patients with a better platform.

The client was very surprised by this insight from the user interviews and the whole project pivoted at this point to focus on the platform for the nurse practitioner first with the priority dropping down for the at home patient.


What was produced?

We created two applications a front end for the patient user, where they could see their data from the past 3 months, with a daily form to capture  the emotional wellbeing of the patient.  Then we created a platform for the Nurse user, it was very important for the nurse practitioner to be able to gauge when the numbers of her patients were moving towards an area or a downward trend. So we experimented with data visualisation in how we are going to allow the nurse to have an easy overview.


We went through an ideation stage and we came up with lots of different scenarios that would address the issue that the core patient user group were elderly and as such not very comfortable with using websites and logging in to tablets. So we really thought about what would be the best approach. We came up with your phone which is a very comfortable medium for that age group where they could ring in with the answers to questions. We also investigated using Alexa to ask the  health prompts, but it was decided to look at that in a later phase. 

Smart Notifications

We did a number of tests on different visualizations of the data from the patient as it was very important that the nurse practitioner could view at a glance settings on how the patient was doing we sampled and tested these with the nurse practitioner.

The Outcome

Working with hardware on the developing platform systems with the agile team was very challenging there was an amazing amount of insights in talking to various stakeholders and we were lucky to have a PO who was very empowered to do a pivot on where we thought the project was going to go. Working on projects that have a social elements like this is very rewarding and anything that can help with that the future of Home Care is fascinating.