HMH MyDashboard

hmhlogoUX design, Responsive Wireframing, Visual Design

Develop a single point of access for teachers to use their MySmart Planner Application and leverage that into a one-stop access point for the digital assets and services available to them via their school package. Using research that the America user research team had done a dashboard solution was deemed the most efficient. Analyzing that user testing we build up Personas and built wireframes. We did guerrilla testing with local Irish teachers and got our American counterparts to do the user testing. The project also spun out a tablet version that went to prototype. That involved card sorting, task analysis and wireframing and design.


UI/UX designer (HMH in-house Project) in pair design team with a Learning Designer. Working with Development team, Offshore QA, Offshore Product Owner


Axure (Wireframes) Adobe Illustrator CC/ Photoshop (Visual Design), Pen and Paper (Storyboarding)

Design for Dashboard, Icons, Responsive, Agile Project




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