Evolving Groupon: Enhancing Communication and Visual Identity

I worked on several projects for Groupon, from launching a new communications channel to working on the brand refresh to AI chatbots.

Groupon also went through an internal transformation that kick started a drive aimed at streamlining consumer and merchant interactions through a series of strategic UX and AI implementations. Launching a new communication channel, redesigning the visual identity, and integrating AI-driven tools were all used to deepen inventory discovery, ease merchant problems and reflect a new refreshed Groupon.


Senior Project Designer, Consumer & Merchant teams


Figma, Wire framing, User Testing, Fullstory




Redesign of Visual Identity

A Fresh Look: Redefining Groupon’s Visual Impact

The visual identity redesign focused on creating a more modern and appealing interface that aligns with user expectations and current design trends. This included a new color scheme, typography, and layout that improved the navigational experience, making the platform more inviting and easier to use. We explored many different visual looks to bring a modern feel to the site.


AI-Driven Chatbot for Inventory Discovery

Smarter ways to enhanced discovery

We developed an AI-driven chatbot that allows users to explore Groupon’s extensive inventory more interactively and effectively. The chatbot uses natural language processing to understand user queries and provide recommendations based on personal preferences and past purchasing behavior, thus making the shopping experience more personalized and efficient.


AI Assistance for Merchant Content Management

Streamlining Operations: AI Tools for Merchant Content Uploads

An innovative AI tool was introduced to assist merchants in uploading and managing their content on the Groupon platform. This tool uses machine learning algorithms and AI to automatically categorise and optimise merchant offerings, significantly reducing the manual effort required and increasing the accuracy and appeal of the listings.


Launch of New Communication Channels

User-Focused Communication Interfaces

We introduced a new communication channel aimed at facilitating better engagement between users and the platform. The channel was designed to offer users personalized notifications and offers, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction. This initiative also supported real-time communication, allowing users to receive immediate updates about new deals and discounts relevant to their interests.


My takeaways from Groupon were about how the AI conversation is an incredible enabler in rethinking traditional methodologies for both businesses and users.

SMS communication is effective

I was very interested in seeing how this newly launched SMS communications channel worked. I enjoyed working with the third-party vendor we went with. This initiative resulted in a significant 5% increase in user engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of direct communication strategies. Within just six months of its implementation, we successfully registered over 200,000 users!

Streamlining Operations with AI Integration

One of the standout achievements during my tenure at Groupon was the transformation of the deal creation process. By integrating AI technology, we reduced the time required to create deals from 30 minutes to just 3 minutes.