Labs API Marketplace

Labs is a project to develop a marketplace to leverage commercial led research IP.

The approach was to build a Marketplace for the centers API’s with in-depth information on the API and the ability for testing endpoints with built-in swagger documentation and a purchasing user flow. To fully test the end to end solution we workshopped use-cases with our users and built a working application with an exterior developer, we did Ethics approved series of user testing with questionnaire and interviews on the end to end product and its users.

MY ROLE: LEAD UI/UX and Visual Designer with Learnovate. Working with, developers, project managers, stakeholders, exterior developers and Ethics Board.

TOOLS: Axure (Wireframes) Adobe After Effects, (Animation) Adobe Illustrator CC/ Photoshop (Visual Design), Pen and Paper (Storyboarding) Qualtrics (user questionaires)








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