Case Study

A Suite of tools to repurposing existing content for education publishers


The primary goal of this project was to create a suite of tools, in order to reuse existing learning content, with a configurable learning composer that outputs a reuse-able personalisation learning experience. 

The Project ran for 12 months and we created 4 applications. The application then went into a trial period of 6 moths with a content publisher.


LEAD UX designer, working in an agile Team with developers and internal Product Owner. Working with a ui designer for the front end design. 


18th Months, 6 Agile Team, PO


Axure (Wireframes, and UI design) Adobe Illustrator cc/ Photoshop. Qualtrics


Wire framing, user Interviews, embedded user on the team, user interviews, research


The projects main focus was the holy Grail of publishers which is the reuse and repurpose of existing content. We were tasked with developing a toolkit for publishers to reuse the existing content to dynamically composed learning experiences from static content in the publishers data stores and open media providers. With Machine Learning we developed smart Tagging of content.

The Challenge

The challenge broke down to 5 areas, the user content tagging, the machine learning element, the learning composer, the user application, and the open source media content. In some respects the most challenging aspect of  the project was to add a pedagogy layer over the content. When you have the data tagged inside the system, how do you tell if some of the concepts are suitable for learners of different abilities. So we created a pedagogy wizard to allow pedagogy experts to tailor these learning strategies.

The Approach

With a toolkit comprised of 4 Apps that worked together, and needed various levels of expertise. The the content App was the user facing application, the Composer put the pedagogy expert in control of how the app served up the content. The Open Media App, connected in the various free & open educational content out there as can be imagined this need to be pedagogy curated. And the service app controlled the release of these education packets of composed learning.

The Process

Working closely with pedagogy experts , education publishers and teachers, we did market research on existing apps which was difficult as there was no direct competitor. Pair designing with the lead developer and the pedagogy expert we created a wizard to compose the learning strategies.

Embeded users

We were very luck in that we got to embed a user on to the team, they helped with populating the content and as a teacher they could also use the learning strategy composer.

The Outcomes

This was a very interesting project to work on, its not often that you are helping design a system that the knowledge needed to use it in a technically sense was very specialised. Eg a pedagogy expert that understands learning outcomes and how to scaffold pedagogy experiences. 

The application suite went through a 6 months of a testing period and while the main publisher decided not to pursue it at this point, I envision that it will be back, as for publisher to be able to reuse and reconfigure content is a large future goal.