Case Study

Redesigning for retention: Danone Aptaclub


The primary goal of this project was to redesign Aptaclub, a expert knowledge membership site that connects with pregnant women throughout their pregnancy journey, by supplying nutritional information, a guide on the babies growth and a knowledge sharing forum. We redesigned the IA, the user flow and rebuilt the site gaining a 400% increase in retention and engagement.


Lead UI/UX Designer & Visuals Working with Developer & Agency Zoo Digital for Client


3th Months, 2 Devs, PO, Customer Service Teams


Axure (Wireframes) Adobe Illustrator CC/ Photoshop (Visual Design), Pen and Paper (Storyboarding)


Wire framing, UI Kit, User Testing, Visual Design


I was brought into this project with the agency Zoo Digital, their client had requested them to redesign the existing site and they engaged me to work on the project as the lead designer. The client services team in Danone had done a lot of the pre work, user interviews, stake holder sessions etc. So the business design direction, to turn it into a knowledge expert article site had been decided upon.

The Challenge

The main challenge was review the existing site and moving it to a responsive version with updates IA. The analytics showed that the site had become a mobile first destination. The second was removing most of the content and becoming more of an article based, expert knowledge destination.

The Approach

So firstly we did  full site audit and did a deep dive into the analytics, to see what was and what was not working. We did user surveys and a task analysis to kick off the redesign phase.

The Process

Based on these and new IA, I then developed a series of Axure responsive wire frames. The wire frames were tested with and then the design was iterated on with feedback we got. I then did a mood board for the client and from there the final Visual & UI design.

Interactive Timeline

One of the main keepers from the first version of the site was the interactive timeline, were expecting mothers can see what stage the baby is at, at the various points on the timeline. This proved to be a challenge and we set up a workshop session with another designer from the agency and we brainstormed through a number of design solutions. 

The Outcome

The Project went very smoothy, the agency took care of the final tweaks to the website and the client reported that the retention rates where up by 400% users where staying longer and clicking on more follow up articles.  As i was an external designer, handover was brand designs, Photoshop files, Axure wireframes and a basic CSS Style Guide. The agency took over the build and further iterations on the design.